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About us

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian ocean formerly known as Ceylon as governed and called by the British Empire offers rich fields for man power recruitment. With the literacy rate reaching almost 90%, Sri Lanka offers well trained and qualified man power to fulfil the growing needs of all the industries in the world could possibly express. Every year, thousands of trained youth from various vocational training institutes graduate and are placed in all most all the developed counties in the world with much secured employment and also with much satisfied employers to have them in.

As Sri Lanka is a rapidly developing country a wide range of multinational companies have set up their various industries enhancing Sri Lankan youth to gain international level work experience together with their qualifications. And every year thousands of employees return home after completing their assignments in various parts of the world. And these sectors carry tremendous potential to be employed and re-employed with the very rich experience they have already gathered. Very importantly, as Sri Lanka is a multi - religious and multi - ethnic country, Sri Lankan workers are much more adaptable to multinational work environments. And by nature Sri Lankans are very much hospitable and friendly. And fast to learn, Industrious and hard working too.

So much so, if your requirement is hard working , adaptable, responsible, sincere and loyal work force you have come down to the correct place. The rest is well assured; Lavish International will facilitate all your man power needs in Sri Lanka for your total satisfaction.

Chairperson's Message

The human resources to any organization is the most vital assert as this is the only animate assert in effective management. We duly recognize the value of the human resources to your organization and thereby we understand the reason why you select us to cater to your man power needs. Screening and selecting the most suitable candidate for a specific job requirement is a very delicate and a decisive process in order to identify the most matching profile for the employment placement. Most recruitment companies find it very difficult to bridge this gap effectively and efficiently because of two main reasons. One of them is the lack of knowledge in human resource management. The other is limited number of candidates to select from.

Lavish international is headed by a team of professionals in the human resources field with well over twenty years of applied experience in the industry in handling and managing human resources in various sectors and together with professional qualifications to couple up with the same. And we are proud of our vast nationwide network in recruitment so we have a wide selection at all times. Therefore, we offer total solutions for your human resource needs whatever the sector with whatever the numbers and whatever the time frames for us to work out for your total satisfaction.

Mrs. Irani Pushpika Jayasekara.
The Chairperson
Lavish International (Private) Limited.

Our Vision

Right person for the right job is our visionary objective - Bench marking recruitment services into new dimensions to be the best service provider with a cluster of value added services in order to achieve in maximum client satisfaction & brand loyalty, with fair trade, equal opportunity, good governance & green globalization policies in focus.

Our Mission

Recruitment services rendered, par excellence, bridging between maximum client satisfaction coupled with employee welfare & satisfaction & corporate sustainability into a long term correlative operation.