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We are capable in finding the ideal candidate that you require. Once a prospective candidate is selected we arrange the selection test by the foreign principal or representative.

In the event the representative from the foreign principal is coming to Sri Lanka to conduct the interview we arrange travel, accommodation and other needs.

If the foreign principal requires us to conduct the interviewee we will conduct it with the support of professional executives.

Once the candidate is selected we conduct orientation program where the candidate is familiarized with work culture of the company he or she is going to work, industrial practices, safety rules, labour laws of the particular country and other relevant matters.

We have with us excellent data bank for all industry segments and we know how and where to find the exact employee.

We completely eliminate time wasting procedures for our clients to go through all the applications. Almost you can keep confidence on us that we can stay focused on your needs every step of the way.

Services to Workers

  • Pre Interview candidates and identifying potential to match client specifications
  • Trade tests for verification of skill via accredited testing agencies
  • Administration and visa processing
  • Coordinating with Embassies for visa endorsements
  • Coordinating with Medical agencies for collection of medicals in due time
  • Communicating between client and candidates in case of medical follow up
  • Arranging for seat booking and travel arrangements
  • Attending to all Bureau formalities and payment of insurance monies thereo
  • Pre-Departure Orientation seminars to educate candidates prior to taking up duties
  • Ensuring that candidates have signed agreement and proper orientation of terms and conditions before acceptance
  • In case of death, bereavement, liaising with families in respect of Bureau / Insurance matters.

Services to Clients

  • Advertising, short listing, evaluating, trade testing and sourcing,searching & headhunting
  • Reference from previous employment where necessary
  • Dispatching CVs via electronic mail or as the case may be
  • Arranging airport pick up, hotel reservations for interview in Colombo on behalf of delegates
  • MEDICAL examinations through accredited medical agencies / clinics
  • Status report of work in progress
  • Authentication of documents and documentation procedures
  • Travel arrangements of candidates
  • Sight seeing tours for clients at request
  • Conflict resolving during the team of agreement whilst in employment due to various administrative issues